Award winning poets.

The praise is so well-deserved. They have achieved so much in such a short space of time. I hope this is the first of many performances.  They can offer so much by sharing their experience of criminal justice.

"We're Dalton and Kath. We aim to show the realities of prison life and change the public`s perception of ex- offenders through poetry and performance."

Our Story

A chance meeting inside in 2017 led these two award winning poets to collaborate upon release.

Dalton and Kath aim to show the realities of prison life and change the public`s perception of ex-offenders through poetry and performance.

Their knowledge of the harsh realities of being one of the voiceless motivated them to form Standfast, `to give the voiceless a voice`,  and highlight the vagaries of a broken system.

Working with other ex-offenders they hope to challenge them to change their core beliefs and through creativity, performance and positive feedback, begin to believe that there is life after prison and they are capable of so much more. Every story has two sides and Standfast aims to tell as many as possible.

“Just wonderful to see and hear the @riponhouse poets at @slunglow this afternoon.  This was deeply intelligent and relevant work put together with real skill.  Well done to the whole cast.  You all shone.”

With only prison experience of theatre their maiden play, HIGH RISK, was well received by a  knowledgable and appreciative audience which included Probation and Hostel staff, University Faculty, National media as well as local authors, other poets, ex offenders and prison officers. Feedback included “I didn’t want it to stop”; “it made me feel like I was back inside”; “working in a prison I felt it was a good reflection”; “you must keep doing this” and “it needs to be taken on tour.”

The first performance raised nearly £300 for a local charity and further performances are planned for the future.  

Please see our blogs and social media for dates of new performances.

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